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Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Wins the Stevie Award

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9/4/19 Update: Todd is holding his highly anticipated event soon and if you are serious about performance you need to check it out here.

Update: Todd Herman just reopened the doors to his 90 Day Year program here. Check it out now as it’s only going to be available for a very limited time + he’s got a few cool bonuses for you.

June 12th 2017 Update: Todd Herman has just reopened the doors to his flagship program for a limited time. Get all the details here & Daniel and I are offering the best 90 Day Year bonus.

In October 2016 Todd Herman creator of the 90 Day Year announced that they just were awarded the prestigious Stevie Award.

Here’s the official announcement that Todd made on Facebook.

todd herman 90 day year stevie award announcement

To learn more about Todd’s program visit our Ultimate Guide to The 90 Day Year Program here.

Both Daniel and I congratulate Todd on the fantastic effort he has put in to make his program and planner absolutely top notch.