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Behind the Scenes Interview with ESA Creator Adrian Morrison and Daniel Audunsson

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Recently Daniel was able to get the creator of eCom Success Academy and all around eCom expert Adrian Morrison on for a private behind the scenes interview.

After talking with Adrian and seeing the results that both he and his students are getting we knew that we had to do a private training class with him.  That’s why we are going to be running a class titled:

Discover the ‘Zero Cost’ eCom Funnel & Why NI + SFA Can = Multi 7 Figures in Less Than 12 Months

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Here’s Just Some of What’s Covered in This Exclusive Interview…

  • When and how did you get started with your current way of doing ecommerce?
  • Why this over the other ecom models like selling on Amazon?
  • When did you have that ‘aha’ moment that this would be a business you’d scale to some very big numbers (ask him in a coy sort of way if he wants to share the revenue numbers)?
  • What about for those that have tried doing ecommerce before and it didn’t work out for some reason…why is this different?
  • 2018 – what’s new and exciting about the business model?
  • Where do you see things headed this year and beyond?
  • Ways to separate yourself with customized and personalized products
  • Current Facebook ad performance; campaign volatility issues, scaling issues,
  • How do you build your campaigns out “not for a click, but for a customer”
  • How are you building your business with the long-term play in mind over the short term quick ROI that so many people are focusing on?
  • Backend systems… what are you doing to leverage them more in 2018, since ad costs and CPMS are rising?

QUICKFIRE Questions with Adrian Morrison:

– Biggest mistake you made running this business? 

– What was the consequence?

– How did you recover?

– How are you ensuring growth?

– What do you do to fight off competition?

– If you had to start over again what 3 things would you do to get faster, better and more predictable results?

– If you had a tiny budget to start (say a few hundred dollars) what would you do?

– How long til one could make $1k net profit and still scale with that small budget?

– If you could give only one piece of advice what would it be?

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Take A Look at Adrian Morrison’s Personal Shopify Results…

Adrian Morrison Generating Over 5 Million Dollars with Shopify

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