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Ultimate Guide to Ezra Firestone’s Zipify Pages – 2017 Review

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Updated September 12th, 2017

Ezra Firestone has released video #1 in a 4-part video series about “The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization from a $20 Million/Year Shopify Store”.

In this video series, Ezra is sharing his best practices to help you double your eCommerce store’s conversions. You’ll get the same exact strategies and get to see the exact Zipify Pages he has used to grow an 8-figure Shopify store that ranks as one of the top 100 Shopify stores in this free 4-part conversion training.

Check out video #1 right here.

Video #1: How to Get More From Your Store: The Art of Getting People to Say “Yes”

First, I think it’s important for you to understand that Ezra has been selling physical products online for a long time.  He’s not someone who has just appeared on the scene he’s actually been selling physical products online since 2007.

Over the years he’s tried just about every platform including Magento and the continually growing Shopify. We personally love Shopify and if you want to save 10% on your Shopify store you can use this discount link.

Now over the last 10+ years, Ezra has sold everything from:

Ezra Firestone Costume Wigs

  • Wigs
  • Bar Stools
  • Skin Care
  • Gift Baskets
  • Cosmetics
  • Halloween Costumes
  • And the list goes on and on.

In fact, he owns and operates a Shopify store that is currently one of the top 100 Shopify stores, which is pretty amazing.

What Are You Going to Learn in This FREE Video #1

  • How to double your business without buying more traffic
  • How Ezra got a 13% lift on his mobile conversion rate (more on that in a moment)
  • How to slash your page-load speed for a more mobile friendly store

Watch the video right now <==

3 Things You Need About Building a Successful eCommerce Business

Top Traffic Sources for Selling Physical ProductsWhen it comes to building a successful eCommerce business there are few KEY levers that you need to pull.

Ezra believes they are:

[+] Visibility (Website Traffic)

[+] Conversion 

[+] Repeats (Repeat Sales/Customers)

One is dramatically more important than the others.

In this video, you’ll learn what Ezra believes is the #1 thing responsible for his eCom success and why you need to focus on to reach real success.

The fact is most people don’t think this way, but if history has taught us anything it’s that we should not just aimlessly follow the herd.

You can learn why Ezra feels how most people think is wrong right here.

How to Take Your eCom Conversions to Completely New Heights

First, let’s talk about how the general industry average conversion rate is ONLY 1%.

That means 1 sale for every 100 visitors.

Now even with a 1% conversion rate, you can build a really strong business.  Imagine though getting a 2%, 5%, or even a 9% conversion like Ezra has seen before.

In fact, Daniel and I have seen as high as over a 40% conversion rate on an Amazon product before at volume.

You can see just how big of a difference conversion rates can make here.

The Problem With Optimizing Conversion Rates

According to Ezra’s video 90% of the time, people focus on the product page to increase conversions (R).

This does seem quite logical at first glance because of course, the product page is where people are going to buy products, right?

Yet…we need to realize that:

  • New visitors look at 3.88 pages on average
  • Return visitors look at 5.5 pages on average (highest value customers)

That means conversion should be about your whole site, not just your product pages.

Discover the 6 Main Pages to Optimize for Conversions

[+] Home Page

[+] Collection Page

[+] Product Page

[+] Cart Page

[+] Check Out Page

[+] Thank You PageZipify Page Builder Examples

Now there are some other pages you should be paying attention to as well.  These pages get a small amount of traffic but they are conversion monsters.

Discover the 6 Info Pages that Get 5-10% of Your Visitors & Result in 30% of Your Sales

2 Steps for All Page Conversion Best Practices

Step 1: Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimized Zipify Page for Boom by Cindy JosephCurrently, 75% of Ezra’s traffic on his largest store is mobile traffic. That is a massive percentage and shows the importance of optimizing your site for mobile.

“62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months”. (R)

Key Takeaway – Give your mobile visitors one page optimized for their experience and give your desktop visitors another page optimized for desktop.

IMPORTANT: There is one critical thing you need to add to your mobile page that Ezra reveals in this video.

Watch it now while you still can and see the before and after with all the changes he made right here. <==

This one thing lead to a 13% increase for Ezra and on a business like his that’s generating 8 figures a year that’s a huge deal.

Best part, you can watch and copy the setup in Ezra’s live demo right inside this video right here.

You’ll see it at 13 minutes and 43 seconds.

Step 2: Double Down on Making Mobile Optimized Product Pages

You need to realize that folks on mobile need a different experience and the page load time are essential.

Yet the experience should be about driving conversions.

To increase the page load speed you need a lighter weight version for mobile.

That’s why Ezra uses a builder he and his team created called Zipify Pages that allows him to hide elements with the click of a button on a tablet, desktop or mobile.

How Do You Optimize Product Pages on Mobile?

Hero Shot and Call to Action on Mobile Product PageThe two biggest things are that you…

  • Hero Shot (picture of your product being sold)
  • CTA (add to cart button)

Of course, that makes sense and most people already have these on their mobile product pages.

So what’s the big deal?

The big difference is that they MUST be above the fold.

Part of this mobile optimization process has to do with navigation.

If you are like me you probably realize that navigating websites on mobile can be really cumbersome.

So the next thing that is very important for you to properly setup is mobile navigation.

Instead of reading it it’s best if you just see how Ezra sets his exact navigation up on his product pages for mobile devices in this video.

4 Conversion Boosters You Need to Pay Attention To

Video On Boom FAQ Page
example of using multiple forms of media on the Boom by Cindy Joseph FAQ page

[+] Conversion booster #1 use different media forms (text, video, images). Depending on your niche audio could even be an option.

Example Image

Conversion rate has gone up dramatically with adding video.

Check out the link here at minute 20 and 23 seconds.

[+] Conversion booster #2 CTA in website header and footer on every page.

This type of call to action could be for a sale, email optin or something similar.

See a demo of this live and how Ezra does it on 2 of his money making eCommerce sites at minute 22 and 12 seconds here.

[+] Conversion booster #3 the simple cart change explained here can dramatically increase your customer check out rates meaning more money in your pocket.

[+] Conversion booster #4 the Isolation Effect 

What is the Isolation Effect?  I have to admit that when I watched this video it was the first time I’d personally heard about it.

So here’s what it is…

It’s where you have one color on your website where it’s the ONLY place you have it on your site.  An example would be having a call to action color as green and that’s the only place you use green on your site.

This is a brilliant tactic because it makes all of your call to action buttons stand out.

Definitely something I’m going to be using purposefully in the future and I highly recommend you make those updates to any of your live sites now.

Video #2: Dive Deeply Into Product Detail Page Conversion Best Practices 

Video #2 will be live on September 16th, 2017 be sure to get on the early bird notification list right here.



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