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Why I Love Smart Supplementation and ONNIT (My Review)

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Onnit Supplements Review


As an entrepreneur, a good portion of the success I’m able to achieve is dependent on how I’m able to maximize my time during the day.

You’ve probably heard the saying at one time or another that, “there just aren’t enough hours in the day” when someone is talking about how they just can’t seem to get everything done that they need to.

I’ve learned that no matter the industry, every successful entrepreneur has learned how to make sure they have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on their to-do list, and they do that by maximizing each minute of the time they spend working.

First, a big key is understanding what to be doing so you can reach your goals.  I use the 90 Day Year program to help me with this.

Todd Herman is the creator and he’s been helping Olympic athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs and many others for years utilize his program to achieve more in 90 days than they do all year.

For me, maximizing my time doesn’t just depend on what I do during the hours I work though.

What’s most important is how I feel.

If physically and mentally I feel at my best, I’m able to accomplish so much more throughout the day, and that’s why a crucial part of my daily routine involves smart supplementation.

Joe Rogan onnit supplements While I place a high priority on eating well and exercising often, I’ve found that smart supplementation gives me the extra boost I need to function at my best consistently day-to-day. I’ve tried a lot of different supplements on the market, but the best and most effective I’ve used to date come from ONNIT.

ONNIT is one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the U.S. and I’ve been using several of their products for quite some time now. They provide all-natural nutrition on a real cellular level and I’ve only ever experienced great benefits by using them in my daily routines.

These supplements pay off big time for me with how I’m able to maximize my time and my energy, so today I want to share with you what I use for my smart supplementation routine, why I use these certain products, and how they can help improve your life, too.

Mentally and physically take care of yourself to accomplish your goals

My Daily Supplement Routine

In the Morning

1. ONNIT Total Primate Care

Each morning, I start my day off with ONNIT Total Primate Care. What’s great about this product is that it gives you all the daily supplements you need in two convenient packs: one for the morning and one for the evening. It gives you so many more benefits than your average multivitamin.

ONNIT Total Primate Care Day Pack

Each has seven different pills in one convenient package that you can just slip in your pocket so you don’t have to hassle with a bunch of different bottles and containers. The AM packet includes:

Why I Take It: Since taking these supplements each morning for quite some time, I’ve found that not only do I have just a better sense of general well-being throughout the day, but my immune health has improved dramatically. I really haven’t had a fever, cold, or the flu since taking these supplements.

2. ONNIT Coffee, Grass-Fed Butter & ONNIT Emulsified MCT Oil

Drink Bulletproof Coffee with Onnit AM Total Primate Care PackAlong with my AM Total Primate Care pack, every morning I make Bulletproof Coffee. And just like the name implies, it really does make you feel bulletproof.

My morning beverage is a blend of Onnit Arabica Dark Roast Coffee, high-quality grass-fed butter, and Onnit Emulsified MCT OIL.  Here’s why each of these ingredients is so important:

  • Upgraded Coffee: Did you know that most green coffee beans are contaminated with mold toxins? Coffee in its pure state is nature’s greatest brain fuel with its high potency of caffeine, but having mycotoxins (mold toxins) present–like they are in most coffee beans–actually robs coffee from its performance potential. Upgraded Coffee is made with beans that are less likely to grow mold and are tested for mold contamination before it reaches your cup.

ONNIT Arabica Coffee

  • grass fed butter is a superfoodGrass-Fed Butter: Not all butter is created equal. Butter made from grass-fed cows (not from factory farm lot feed) contains vastly different ingredients and qualities than you find with most grain-fed butter on the store shelves. Grass-fed butter is actually a superfood! It’s packed with nutrients like vitamins A, E, D, and K2, along with carotenes and of course, healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Onnit MCT Oil: 100% sourced from coconut oil, Onnit’s MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) Oil is packed with healthy fats that are essential for brain function. Plus, it also contains lauric acid, also found in coconuts, that is proven to optimize human performance.


feel awake and energized with a combo of ONNIT supplements and coffee

Why I Take It:

These three ingredients together make an unbeatable combination for starting my day on the right track. The way our society eats today tends to starve our bodies and our brains of essential fats that are crucial for prime mental and physical function.

With this blended drink, I find that I’m able to feel awake and energized within 30-60 minutes of drinking it as soon as I wake up. It gives me the right amount of caffeine and healthy fats to keep me energized and satiated for hours so I can maximize my focus while I’m working.

3. Additional Pills of Alpha BRAIN

One last element of my morning routine: 1-2 additional pills of Alpha BRAIN (one pill is already included in my TPC AM pack) along with my morning coffee. This supplement is made with powerful earth-grown nutrients like:

Plus, it has been tested and proven to improve memory, cognition, and focus.

ONNIT Alpha Brain

Why I Take It:

An extra dose of AlphaBrain gives me just the right amount of mental performance I need right away to stay hyper-focused during the next few hours I spend working.

It gives me a great deal of mental stamina to only focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by other things easily. But the great thing is that I never experience negative side effects when I don’t take this additional supplement. It just simply helps amplify my mental state when I do take it.

Benefits of Starting Your Day with ONNIT Supplements

In the Afternoon

Find peak mental function
Find peak mental function with fasting until afternoon, working out, and ONNIT Supplements.

Have you ever heard the term “the afternoon slump”?

It’s the tired, lethargic feeling you might get during your workday after you’ve had a big lunch… the feeling that just makes you want to take a nap.

Well, there’s actually a scientific reason you might feel that way. After you eat, it takes an enormous amount of energy for your body to digest that food. Because of this, your body shifts energy optimization away from your brain to maximize digestive function.

1. Wait Until Mid-Afternoon to Eat 

I prefer to get most of my work done earlier in the day, so I don’t eat my first meal of the day until mid-afternoon right after I finish my daily workout. I usually feel most energized at this time during the day.

Waiting to eat until this time helps me perform at peak mental function while I’m working so my body doesn’t have to spend energy digesting a big meal.

2. Take DigesTech by ONNIT

When I do eat my afternoon meal, however, I always take probiotic enzymes along with it. My favorite is DigesTech by ONNIT.  This supplement has:

  • Protease – an enzyme that helps break food better
  • Amylase – an enzyme that helps your body utilize glucose in food for fuel
  • Lipase – an enzyme that helps digest fats
  • 14 other digestive aids like fennel seed powder, ginger root extract, cellulose, lactase, and many more.


Why I Take It:

I take two of these pills when I eat to help improve my digestion. I find that when I take these, I don’t lose as much energy and I don’t feel tired or get that afternoon slump that’s so common after eating.

Plus, I know that they help me absorb more nutrients from what I’m eating so I get all the benefits possible from my healthy diet. They’re especially useful if you’ll be eating a heavy meal with lots of meat or carbs to keep your energy levels high and make your digestion more efficient.

Avoid the afternoon slump and gain energy with ONNIT Supplements

In The Evening 

Quality sleep is an essential part of my daily routine—if I don’t sleep well, I can’t perform at my best mentally or physically the next day and it really takes a toll on my efficiency.

1. Take ONNIT Total Primate Care Night Pack

Each night I end my day by taking the Total Primate Care Night Pack. Just like the AM pack, this also has seven different supplement pills – some of these are the same as you’ll find in the AM pack, but there are a few others that are beneficial especially at night. These are:

  • New MOOD – with serotonin that boosts relaxation
  • Coral Calcium – packed with other valuable minerals
  • ViruTech – with Vitamin C and L-Lysine to boost the immune system overnight


Why I Take It:

Taking the TPC night pack helps me make the most of the hours I sleep so I can be more productive when I wake up.

With these supplements, I find that I can relax easier as they calm down my nervous system, I fall asleep more quickly, and I sleep more deeply throughout the night. It helps me wake up more refreshed, energized, and nourished because it has been nourishing my body during all hours of sleep.

sleep soundly with ONNIT Total Primate Night Pack

The Take-Away

I’m a firm believer that one cannot be successful professionally long-term if they’re not in a healthy state both physically and mentally.

My smart supplementation routine with ONNIT has been one of the most beneficial daily habits I’ve created and has helped me feel and function my best as I strive to eat healthily and be active. I hope you’ll discover some of the same benefits that I have by using these products!

Have questions or feedback? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.