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The Power of Delegation

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Delegation is often an untapped power in online marketing.
Those entrepreneurs who understand the power of delegation are some of the most successful people in the world because they release they can’t nor should they do everything themselves.

Delegation- having employees, and properly utilizing the talent of other people, is one of the most misunderstood and untapped powers in business in my opinion. Especially amongst online marketers and business owners.

Out of all the successful entrepreneurs of the world, those who have fully understood and been able to tap into the power of delegation, are some of the most successful people this world has ever seen.

Take the founder and owner of The Virgin empire, Sir Richard Branson, for example. He said: “If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.”

Richard Branson understands the impact of delegation in business
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This is something Ryan Coisson and I have started to experience more than ever in our business, as it continues to grow and become more and more of a serious professional company every day.

One amazing hire is worth hundreds of bad ones.


One person can have such a huge impact on certain levels of your operation, it is truly a gamechanger. The effects of this can be immediate but are especially prominent when you look at the long term.

I truly believe the best way to build a new company involves the following 4 steps.

4 Steps to Building a New Company

4 Steps to Build a New Company
Hire the smartest, most driven individuals to see your online business vision through from creation to execution.

Step #1: Craft the business model or core idea.

Step #2: Gather all important information required to understand the ins and outs of how to execute this business model.

Step #3: Do adequate research on competition and your own key underlying factors such as financial information and so forth.

Step #4: Find and hire the smartest, most driven and experienced (in some cases) individuals that will make up the core group of your new business. Individuals that have all the necessary skill sets combined to understand, figure things out from ground zero, and move the business forward from ideation into creation and through to execution.  One of my coaches Todd Herman can help a lot with this part with his 90 Day Year program. Learn more here or read my review.

The Key to Delegation is the Right People
The core group of your online business should consist of smart, motivated and optimistic individuals.  Individuals you can delegate to with confidence and success.

As a business owner and leader, if you keep your head wrapped around your vision and higher-level elements of your business.  If you continually communicate with the core individuals of your team and ensure that they are properly and efficiently executing your vision.

Then you will tap into the power of delegation.

Then you are building a company that you actually own, instead of working in it as a high ranking employee.

Delegation Requires Optimistic and Driven People
Make sure your core people see the vision clearly and remain excited, happy and driven.

Just make sure your core people (which could even just be one person) see the vision clearly and remain optimistic, excited, happy and driven, and they should be smart and capable enough figure things out, solve problems and to hire and manage more people and continue expanding the operation that is executing on your business model.

It is actually pretty simple when you keep it simple.

Ensure your core people see your vision clearly, remain excited, happy and driven.

And no matter what your business model or where you are at today, you can start creating your business.

First, you have to plan for it and craft the idea fully, decide on your “recipe” and the elements of your operation.

Then simply find the right person or right people, ensure they get or can find the information to get educated properly, and then install the mission and willpower in them to succeed.

When I plan I use the 90 Day Year by Todd Herman.

It’s been a game changer for me. So much so I’m writing about it here.

And remember to never stop pushing them forward.

When delegating in online business try to instill optimism and motivation in your employees.
Install your mission and willpower in your employees and never stop pushing them forward

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[+] One of the biggest keys to delegation is communication.  Watch this video from Robin Sharma to discover how legendary leaders speak.

[+] Learn the Process I follow to Delegate by following along here.

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