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The 90 Day Year Playbook Edition

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Update: Todd Herman just reopened the doors to his 90 Day Year program here. Check it out now as it’s only going to be available for a very limited time + he’s got a few cool bonuses for you.

Limited December 2019  Release of Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Playbook Edition

Todd Herman the creator of the 90 Day Year achievement program is opening the playbook edition of the 90 Day Year from December 18th until the 20th at 11:59 PM.

During this limited re-open, you can secure your spot into Todd’s flagship training and a more affordable rate.

Visit Todd’s Official Site Here for More Details

90 Day Year Playbook Edition

What Comes with the 90 Day Year Playbook Edition?

When you purchase the Playbook edition of the 90 Day Year here’s exactly what you’re getting:

  • The complete 90 Day Year program by Todd Herman

How Does it Differ From the Main 90 Day Year Program and Bonuses?

The Playbook version of the 90 Day Year only gets you access to the main 90 Day Year program.  You will NOT have access to the $62,000+ bonuses, support training calls, and the 2018 live event.

To see a full breakdown of everything you can visit Todd’s official website here.  One cool thing is you can still use the 90 Day Year Planner.