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3 Strategies on How to Make 2018 Your Best Year on Amazon

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How to Build Your Amazon Business in 2018

With worldwide Amazon sales continuing to grow, there is also an expanding number of sellers that decide to focus a good portion of their online marketing efforts on Amazon.

In 2016 and 2017 we saw a very noticeable increase in solutions aimed at helping sellers achieve success on the Amazon platform, which also contributes to the marketplace becoming more competitive – with not only a growing number of sellers but a growing number of savvy sellers.

We still think folks in our Infinity Code training program have an unfair advantage over all their private label competitors though.

Yet to help you continue to succeed with your private label sales on Amazon in 2018, here are my top 3 strategies:

Strategy #1: Sell Higher Priced Products

While more and more sellers choose to focus on the Amazon marketplace (for a good reason), very few sellers actually look towards the higher price ranges when picking products to launch, develop and sell.

So while the saturation may be high, competition steep and profit margins slim for many top-selling products – there’s plenty of space and profits to be made in other less pursued product categories and price ranges.

When you can profit let’s say $50 per sale on a $100 product, you can profit $500 per day with just 10 sales.  That would be $15,000 a month in profit or $180,000 a year in actual profit!

There are loads and loads of very untapped opportunities in these higher price ranges ($100 and above) on, and the smartest sellers are already focusing much of their efforts here and reaping the rewards.

In fact, Ryan and I know some folks that are selling products that are priced at $1,000 and have a profit of nearly $650 per sale.

Let’s do some quick math on a product like that:

[+] 1 sale a day = $650 a day or $237,250 in profit a year
[+] 3 sales a day = $1950 a day or $711,750 in profit a year
[+] 5 sales a day = $3250 a day or $1,186,250 in profit a year

And that’s just 5 sales a day, which is pretty simple to do when you follow a proven process and use sprint methodology like we teach in our Infinity Code program or like our friend Todd Herman teaches in his 90 Day Year high-achievement program.

Strategy #2: Get Laser-Focused With Your Targeting

It has not always been true that the quality of your targeting and ability to maneuver within the search landscape on Amazon has been vitally important to your success, but it is true today.

And it will be even more so the case in 2018.


Two reasons.

Amazon is getting more sophisticated and smarter, and so are the best sellers. It becomes increasingly hard to manipulate rankings easily. And to truly succeed long-term, in my opinion, one has to know how to “naturally” sell well and establish valuable rankings organically on Amazon.

There is an art to this, but very few people really understand it. There is not enough space to explain this in detail here, but I can tell you this. Less is more, and the more you are able to target and powerfully attract a very specific set of buyers, the easier your journey will become – when it comes to naturally ranking and selling well for the long-term.

And of course, being established in a position where you continue to see more and more sales alongside Amazon’s own growth into the future.

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on less because it seems a bit unnatural and if you are in that position right now I’d encourage you to read Leo Babauta book The Power of Less.

Strategy #3: International Expansion

Amazon International Expansion to Singapore

While this advice is nothing new and I’ve been recommending our Amazon students to do it since 2014, it is just as important as ever.

It is true that most of Amazon’s international marketplaces are at least 2 – 3 years “behind”, in terms of interface and market saturation.

Both are actually a great thing if you are looking to capture “new land” and establish some powerful assets on Amazon (that being product listings) for the future. While the current international marketplaces continue to grow (and in my opinion, in general, have even greater growth ahead of them proportionately than, there are also new and exciting marketplaces that are set to launch their Amazon FBA programs for the first time ever, at the time of this writing two examples are Singapore and Australia.

There’s a staggering amount of opportunity on Amazon in 2018 and beyond, and after being involved in this space for the last 5 years, I can tell you that this opportunity continues to grow for those in the know.

But just as with any arena of competition, your success depends on your ability to have higher awareness and be one step ahead of the pack. These three strategies will help you do that as a private label seller on Amazon in 2018.

And if you are looking to expedite and maximize your results I am going to be personally working with a few folks 1-on-1 to help them reach their goals with my proven step-by-step process.  If that sounds like something that you’d be interested in you can learn more by going to