Daniel Audunsson is a young entrepreneur that was born on a small remote farm in Iceland, and he has become extremely successful in world of ecommerce and especially selling on Amazon, and has established himself as one of the main authority figures in the space in a span of three years.

Daniel started delving into internet marketing from his dorm room at the start of his last semester in college, and put his attention on ecommerce right off the bat. Quickly thereafter he discovered the world of selling on Amazon, and initially, largely due to financial as well as geographical limitations, he focused on publishing and selling short guides on various topics on Amazon’s ebook platform, Kindle, instead of selling actual physical goods.

Within the first 3 months Daniel had over five full-time writers working for him as well as one promotions manager, and this team was publishing about 20 new guides per week.

At that time the opportunity suddenly opened for Daniel to sell his own physical products on Amazon.com, and so he quickly created and launched his first product. Using the same marketing strategies Daniel had learned publishing Kindle books on Amazon, this first product became almost overnight success, selling out of inventory within just a short few days, every time new inventory arrived. This enabled Daniel to scale the initial investment in this first product of less than $300, to be generating over $60,000 per month in revenue by February 2013. By May of that same year this had grown to over $300,000 per month.

In May of that same year Daniel went to a conference in Austin, Texas, and met Ryan who was to become his business partner a few months later, which then evolved into a fully fledged partnership early the year after.

In October of 2013, Daniel had close to 20 outsourced employees in The Philippines, so he decided to go there for the first time and within 4 days he had founded an actual company in The Philippines which opened up the first office 2 months later.

Now, only just over a year and a half later, Daniel and his business partner Ryan grew to have close to 50 employees working in this company, running their rapidly growing eCommerce empire that is composed of over 200 different products and multiple brands. The main focus remains selling on Amazon, but is growing to cover more and more methods of marketing and selling physical products online.