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Todd Herman The 90 Day Year Debrief by Daniel Audunsson

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Over the next few weeks, Todd Herman is preparing for the next release of his flagship program The 90 Day Year.  During this process, he will be releasing some action-packed content specifically designed to help you get more results.

It’s my goal to help you digest this content by doing a full debrief on each piece of his pre-launch content leading up to when the doors open to the 90 Day Year.

In addition, you can see my full thoughts on the 90 Day Year in my comprehensive review here.

May 26th, 2018 – 5 Stages Of Business

Ever felt confused or simply unsure of what activities to focus on in your business right now, for the best results?

This is a very common feeling and I am reminded of a great quote by Robin Sharma.

“With greater awareness, come better decisions. And with better decisions, come better results.”

Well today Todd released an absolutely epic article called “The 5 Stages Of Business Growth”. 

The 5 Stages of Business Growth - 90 Day Year

If you are currently a business owner or thinking about starting a business, reading this article will raise your awareness and bring tremendous clarity to what actions you should be focusing on, right now.

Therefore I highly recommend you take the time out to read through it and take notes.

This is an upgraded version of an article I’ve read before from Todd Herman, which has helped me tremendously on my journey as an entrepreneur. Good news for you, this article is now even better.

Check it out.

May 21st, 2018 – Power Of Words

In this quick 2 minute video Todd talks about something most of us are painfully unaware of.

Todd Herman Dangerous Words

Yet, it has a dramatic and cascading impact on everything in your life.

From your family and friends to your business, health, and happiness.

You see, words are incredibly powerful.

Words can either destroy or create. What are the words you are using doing?

In some cases, it’s obvious what you’re doing with the words you choose.

But oftentimes it’s much more subtle and you may not even be aware of it.

Yet, if you’re not it can really hold you back.

So, make sure you take just 2 minutes today out to watch this very important message from Todd Herman.

May 18th, 2018 – Oww vs Wow Brain

Wow! That’s how my brain reacted to this video.

Have you ever wondered what separates a ‘winner’ from a ‘loser’?

Well from my experience I know that mindset plays a huge role.

Yet even then there is a big difference there too.

Well, this whole Oww vs Wow Brain might just be the single biggest difference between “losers” and “winners”, when it comes to mindset.  

90 Day Year - Oww vs Wow Brain

As you know, both me (Daniel Audunsson) and Todd Herman believe there is much more to success than just the thoughts in your head. In fact, there are other factors that are much more influential on the end result you get than your thoughts.

If you are more of a visual learner take a look at this.

Yet, your thoughts ARE also very important.

But not in the classical sense that you’ve probably come to believe.

Not in the sense that what you decide to think about will come true… just because you think about it and (pretend) to believe it.

For example, how many times have you done affirmations and the whole time you never really believed what you were even saying, can you relate?

When it comes to your thoughts…

It has much more to do with your perception of things… and how you react (or not react) to the world around you. And this is indeed connected to your thoughts and more specifically, your patterns of thought and belief.

We are all “wired” differently and indeed some people are more “wired” for success than others. No question about it.

[+] In this new video Todd talks about what I believe is one of the most fundamentally important “mental patterns” that impacts your odds of success in life and in any endeavor. 

Make sure you take 5 minutes to watch it on Todd’s Facebook page and understand the fundamental difference between an “Oww” and a “Wow” brain.

Good news is once you’re aware of this, you can consciously adjust for the better and that’s a huge deal.

But if you’re not aware of this simple difference in “wiring”, it can limit you for the rest of your life.

And since I know you are a high performer you want to be performing at your best.

Oh and make sure you grab Todd’s handy cheat sheet on the Oww and Wow brain as well.

90 Day Year Oww Vs Wow Brain

It’s right below this video here.

May 15th, 2018 – Field of Play

I just received a really important message from our good friend Todd Herman.

Todd Herman Mantras

And talk about a breath of fresh air because someone is finally someone is speaking the truth!

To directly quote Todd:

“There’s a lot of ‘feel good’ mantras that are passed around by ‘success teachers’, that aren’t true.

  • ‘Work Smart. Not Hard.’
  • ‘Thoughts Are Things.’
  • ‘Follow Your Intuition.’

No. No. No.

Most of these phrases are passed around by people that want to sell you something ‘Easy’.” [R]

I know it might not be the ‘popular’ belief yet I 100% agree!

Success in business and life isn’t all about ‘feel good’ things.

Here’s what I mean…

From over 20 years of experience as entrepreneurs between Ryan and myself, we know that nothing replaces ACTION.

Boots on the ground, completing steps that are a part of a strategic plan, making real and tangible progress.

Sadly there are very few “success teachers” left today that actually talk about this. Probably because it’s harder to sell than saying it’s enough to just think, not so.

It’s like the book and breakthrough movie hit the Secret.  It makes you feel good, but at the end of the day they miss that whole part of going out there and do things.

That’s why I love Todd’s stuff and why I’ve been using the 90 Day Year program for years.

He doesn’t sugar coat things.

He just speaks the truth.

And embracing the truth will set you free (and… make you more successful).

So take some action an check out his video on his Facebook page right now it’s less than 4 minutes long and will probably be the best 4 minutes you spend today.

Oh and you’re going to learn 2 other really important things.

[+] one lesson from Robert Louis Stevenson that you need to know. He’s the author of Treasure Island and many others. He also has one of the most translated works of all-time.

[+] what the field of play is and why it’s so important to you right now.

Take a few minutes and watch it now.