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Introducing the 90 Day Year Planner

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Recently Todd Herman of the 90 Day Year released a new 90 Day Year planner to go with those that are following the 90 Day Year program while using the action planner.

the 90 day year action planner

What is the 90 Day Year program?

Learn more by checking out our Ultimate Guide to the 90 Day Year Program:

While this new action planner is not for commercial sale and only is available to the students inside Todd’s program it is something that makes it easier to implement the actual 90 Day Year program.

Click Here to Join the 90 Day Year & Get Your Own 90 Day Year Planner

  • Jacob Andreae

    I just completed my first round of the 90 day year. It is the best investment in my business and myself. If I had to recommend just one course to do, it’d be the 90DY.

    • Ryan C

      Jacob! We love hearing that. Thanks for letting us know and I hope you are able to make 2018 an even better year with the help of the planner and 90DY program. If we can help at all just drop us a line.

  • Adi Kanda

    I’d like to purchase the planner on its own 🙁

    • Ryan C

      Hey Adi, are you a member of Todd’s program already? If so, you may want to contact them on how to order additional planners, however, if you are new to the 90 Day Year the planner itself won’t be of much value without the understanding of how his high achievement system works.

      • Adi Kanda

        Ok thanks

        • Ryan C

          You’re welcome, Adi!